Over the last few years Liquefied Petroleum Gas, otherwise known as LPG gas, has proven itself to be an extremely efficient alternative energy for business use. Namely through its variety of uses, LPG can be used for a number of purposes from heating to cooking and actually proves to be one of the cheapest options in both instances.

More recently one of the benefits that have further strengthened LPG Gas’s position as good alternative fuel is the low environmental impact it has.

LPG can be composed of propane, butane or sometimes a mix of both with each mix having its own specialist purpose. However all variants of LPG are extremely clean burning fuels and have been proven much cleaner than petrol or diesel.

At the moment one of the key benefits of using LPG is the cost, as the Government has pledged to keep it cheaper and low in tax to try and increase demand. In the UK LPG is approximately half the price of petrol and as mentioned above has a very low tax – this makes it particularly popular for use with vehicles.

The preferential treatment LPG Gas gets also seems to have attracted quite a bit of competition to the LPG Gas suppliers market, which again is a good thing for the consumer.

Apart from its use as a fuel for vehicles, cooking and heating LPG is also commonly used as a refrigerant this is due to its high levels of efficiency and lower cost when compared to other refrigerants. Not to mention the huge benefit to the environment of using LPG over the usual refrigerants like Chloroflourocarbons which are at least partly to blame for the whole in the ozone layer.

In short LPG is a more efficient and cheaper alternative to the more commonly used options in just about every field. You can find out more information about all kinds of LPG Gas; its applications and how to switch at bpgas.co.uk

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